UBS WATERPROOFING is a established business with a high success rate in the residential & commercial industry, which speaks for itself.

With continued research being done on the products used in the industry, our business is able to ensure that you will always be receiving the best quality product and workmanship to match.

With the excellent track record we have built up over the past 5 years we believe UBS WATERPROOFING is the correct business to partner with. We guarantee to make a success of each and every project we undertake.


The company has taken the stand to grow continuously with the market as well as with their client base and they render the following products & services:

– Water Proofing & Roof Leaks, (Torch On, Membrane, Acrylic And More)

– Damp Proofing

– Internal And External Paint Work

– Installations Of IBR Roofs & Corrugated Iron Roofs

– Tanking And Tile Roof Construction

– Ridge Caps, Valleys, And Flashings

Vision Statement

UBS WATERPROOFING wants to be the preferred service provider in the Residential & Commercial Industries.

They want to achieve this by providing high quality products & services that will exceed the expectations of their clients and stay competitively priced.

Mission Statement

To reach our Vision of becoming the preferred service provider in southern Africa, we have made it our Mission to focus on workmanship and customer service.

We as a company seek to always innovate and ensure we have good support structures in place to manage the changes as well as cultures in the organisation.

By maintaining good standards, and providing quality products and services while doing continuous research on what is happening in the industry will ensure our ability to stay competitive.


The company believes that when they treat customers with respect and provide in their needs they will come back continuously and this will then help them to grow long term relationships with them.

Adding creativity, invention and innovation, also gives us the competitive edge over our competitors.

We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business process.

UBS WATERPROOFING sees our employees as a key asset to our business, not only to create wealth for the business, but also for the employees.

Empowerment is also promoted through skills transfer.